Patient Praises

20 Minutes Made All The Difference

After 10 months of going from one specialist to another and feeling no better, a dear friend who had been a
patient of Dr. Riber for years suggested that we see him.  She spoke with him and with the severe pain my
husband was enduring he made a special arrangement to see us very quickly. He and his wonderful staff spent
about 20 minutes with us looking at all the blood work, MRI's etc. we had with us. Then he asked the question,
Itwhere are the X-Rays?" Well all the specialist and no one had ever ordered x-rays! He x-rayed my husband
immediately and announceq to us that he was in dire need of hip replacement, and was in a bone on bone
condition. We immediately made an appointment with an Orthoped~c Surgeon. When we told the Orthopedic
Surgeon this story, his remark was "Dr. Riber was your Guardian Angel". We agreed. - Marsha and Ben Bird